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Salesrockstar specialises in helping entrepreneurs to scale up fast. Our mission? To support B2B startups in their sales strategy and internationalisation.

We asked Fabrice Martin, founder of Salesrockstar to tell us more about the programme and himself….

Why did you create Salesrockstar?
I realised that there was a gap in the market for a reliable and flexible course that made market entry quick and easy for startups.  Salesrockstar responds to a challenge set for me several years ago back in my corporate days.  As a business developer back then I had to develop the German & French markets quickly while juggling many other countries at varying stages of development.  It was so hard to focus and to get results in a timely manner. 
Faced with a new market challenge, traditionally a company has just two main options for development:  Take on a country manager – costly, non-flexible and difficult to relinquish if he/she fails, Use your current sales force – diluted efforts, non-specialist knowledge and long timescales to fulfil potential.  Salesrockstar course brings a unique third option to the table.  It is low risk and delivers accelerated results.  Typically market potential is unveiled within just 4 months.
How would you describe yourself Fabrice?
I’d call myself an ‘international door opener’.  A product of Europe.  I’m French and have lived and worked in France, Germany, Belgium and the U.K.  I speak four languages.  For me doing business with international clients is second nature.
What is your business background?
The common thread is business to business sales and marketing.  I have considerable European key account management and digital prospecting experience. I feel most at ease with CleanTech industries having worked for many years in that sector ie. Renewables and environmental services.
Are you well qualified to do the job?
My clients seem to think so!  My official qualifications include a first degree in Business Management, an M.A in International Marketing and a second Masters degree in Finance.  As far as practical experience goes I have been in sales and marketing for over 15 years.
Why should I trust you?
Salesrockstar was established five years ago.  I like to think that my satisfied clients are evidence enough that I’m to be trusted.  I’m happy to give you their contact details to act as a testimonial.  The other thing is that the level of risk is really quite low.  
What are you like to work with?
Fun, trustworthy, results driven and entrepreneurial.  I take a complex offer, find the very essence of it and deliver it in a simple understandable way.   I enjoy breathing new life and freshness into the marketing of technical products.  This is often quite dry and dated.  I take methods typically used in consumer marketing such as online marketing and apply them to B2B.
What do you do in your spare time – when you take off your market invader so to speak?
I love cooking.  I enjoy buying really good local food and producing a feast fit for a king!  I’m into healthy living, keep fit and yoga too.  I also enjoy a good brainstorming session.
What makes you tick?
Crazy, passionate people who are so enthused about what they are doing that they don’t care what others think.  I feed off their energy and optimism.
Sound like you could work with Fabrice and his team?  Contact him at fabrice (@) or per telephone

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