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Book more sales appointments
and speed up sales velocity
Advanced Prospecting Training: Text
Virtual Team Meeting


✔   Fill your pipeline with the right prospects 
✔   Automate your outreach sequences
✔   Connect with prospects quickly
✔   Communicate the real value of your product
✔   Increase your demos booking
✔   Maximise results with genuine cold call scripts
✔   Qualify your prospects fast


990€ pm


Beginner to 


Advanced Prospecting Training: Headliner

Professional sales Prospecting is one of the most difficult but also most valuable skills salespeople can develop. This training will help you dramatically increase the number of sales opportunities - using the modern tools that work best today. 
The ability for sales people to generate more appointments with high value leads in less time is surely the most high impact activity you can build within your organisation.

Advanced Prospecting Training: Text

What's included

Live - monthly team coaching sessions (2 x 90 minutes)

Live - monthly one to one coaching with each sales rep participant ( 1 x 60 minutes)

Live - monthly team Post-workshop debriefing (1 x 90 minutes)

Live - monthly management update ( 1 x 60 minutes)

Live - Unlimited support done by our sales coaches via Slack, e-mail, telephone. 5/7 from 09:00-18:00

Offline - Unlimited online access to our e-learning modules

Why choose Salesrockstar Advanced Prospecting Training?

What it is?

Salesrockstar Advanced Prospecting is a 3 months live virtual classroom and coaching sessions. It teaches you how to dramatically increase the number of new sales opportunities and qualified leads.

How does it work ?

We host a series of online workshops in order to coach your team on the best approach and mentality to outbound prospecting. You attend the live coaching sessions, complete the action items, ask questions on the live Q&A sessions, follow the process, get results. The content of the training is designed to encourage practice during and between each coaching video session. 

What is this training NOT?

It is not an online program where you study videos and documents on your own without support or feedback. It is not about passive marketing such as social media, content marketing, SEO or web-based marketing, or Facebook advertising. It is not a lot of useless information that overwhelms you and that you never implement.

Who is it for

The course is for anybody involved with sales and business development activities. No previous sales experience is required to participate.
The course is hold in English or French.

How is it delivered ?

Salesrockstar Advanced Prospecting  is available as a virtual classroom experience that eliminates the need for travel and has all the key features of a physical classroom environment. The delivery schedule also gives you time to learn new skills through our e-learning modules and practice these skills in-between your virtual coach-led sessions. 

Duration of the training ?

It is delivered in focused 5 x 60 to 90 minutes sessions per month over a period of 3 months, allowing you to organise your learning around your work commitments. 

Why choose Salesrocktar
advanced prospecting training?

Salesrockstar Advanced Prospecting is an Action training Program, not another Information Program. We train and coach the course participants on what to do and they go into action. We give feedback and support in implementing what they learn. 


We have trained dozens of sales development teams and know that to scale a business and improve your sales, content is not enough, you need an immersive environment. Salesrockstar Advanced Prospecting provides proven process, mental reprogramming, community and expert mentorship.



We turned the guesswork of sales into a science. Get laser-focused on the simple actions that create big reactions. Follow practical step-by-step instructions that are proven to work and track your progress using reliable metrics.


It's hard to change your results surrounded by the same people. Join an active community of sales leaders and entrepreneurs, collaborate, get help, practice sales calls, make friends and have fun.


No matter how good the training is, you'll always have questions. Get 24/7 access to our experts sales coaches and trainers via slack, telephone and email.

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