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Start new sales conversations with your best prospects - with predictability
Advanced Prospecting Training: Text
Advanced Prospecting Training: Headliner

outbound prospecting is a 12-week training program that shows you how to build relationships with high-value, hard-to-reach prospects - with predictability.

Advanced Prospecting Training: Text
Virtual Team Meeting

Outbound Prospecting Training

  • Fill your pipeline with the right prospects 

  • Build & automate outreach sequences

  • Connect with prospects quickly

  • Communicate the real value of your product

  • Increase your demos bookings 

  • Qualify your prospects fast


990€ pm


Beginner to 


Who it's for

Outbound Prospecting is for Tech founders in the energy or climate transition markets who are in the process of scaling up their sales organisation. If this is you you're probably struggling with getting clients consistently, shortening your sales cycle or expanding in Europe. You need to improve your sales team (SDR, AE, Biz. Dev.) 

Why choose this training? 

Outbound Prospecting will help you solve the following in 12 weeks or less:

  • Can't generate enough opportunities to scale up 

  • No sales skills to train new team members

  • Got systems for everything - apart from sales

  • Can't convince investors unless you cash flow quicker

  • Too much time spent chasing opportunities that turn cold

How it works

Outbound Prospecting gives you everything you need to improve your sales team's results

  • Content: e-learning video training & practical exercises 

  • Tools: Practice the best prospecting tools that work today 

  • Community: Join an active community of sales leaders, collaborate & get help

  • Coaching & role play: Team and individual coaching on zoom 

  • Accountability: Individual coach who hold you to your monthly goals

  • Support:  with our coaches via Slack, e-mail, telephone. 

What's included

  • Live - monthly team coaching sessions (2 x 90 minutes)

  • Live - monthly one to one coaching with each participant ( 1 x 60 minutes)

  • Live - monthly team Post-workshop debriefing (1 x 90 minutes)

  • Live - monthly management update ( 1 x 60 minutes)

  • Live - Unlimited support done by our sales coaches via Slack, e-mail, telephone. 

  • Offline - Unlimited online access to our e-learning modules

What you'll learn 

This training gets your sales teams laser-focused on the simple actions that create big reactions. We break Business Development down to basic building blocks (like Lego) and train you how to assemble them for success.

  • Finding the right prospects

  • Crafting compelling messaging

  • Extract B2B sales data

  • Build outreach sequences

  • Automating your prospecting with modern tools

  • The art of cold calling

  • Masteringqualifying calls

  • Tracking key sales metrics

  • Double Sales productivity through better time management

How to get started

If you are interested in improving your sales team and scale up internationnaly

Schedule a call using the calendar below, and somebody from our team will meet with you on Zoom to see if Outbound Prospecting is a good fit. If you have any questions, email

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