Hire us to grow your sales pipeline in 4 months or less - and increase your chances of startup funding

We help Energy Entrepreneurs build solid pipeline of leads to set their startup for success for seed round and beyond.

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What it is

Salesrockstar.io is an outbound sales development agency for B2B Startups selling to the European energy markets. We're not just another cold calling company. 

Who it's for

Salesrockstar.io is for Tech founders in the energy or climate transition markets who are in the process of fund raising. Despite some sales traction, it seems pretty tough for any new founder to conduct a strong Seed or Series A round without a solid sales pipeline benchmark proving revenue potential. If this is you you're probably struggling with getting clients consistently, shortening your sales cycle or expanding in Europe. 

What it helps them achieve

Salesrockstar.io will help you achieve the following in 4 months or less:

  • Instant access to our network within the European energy markets

It shows your investor stronger revenue potentials flowing into your pipeline

  • Get predictable meetings with decision makers every month

It shows your investor you have a repeatable sales process that works

  • Find decision makers in new countries (France/Germany/the Benelux/Scandinavia/UK)

It shows your investor you have a bigger Total Accessible Market

  • Get introduced to a few key lighthouse enterprise prospects 

It shows your investor trustable brands

  • Close more POC proposals as we sit on demos & sales calls to keep your pipeline moving forward

It shows your investor faster sales cycles and higher conversion rates

  • Get professional CRM reporting with KPIs build for your VC

It shows your investor a more realistic pipeline

Our clients: Energy STARTUPS in Europe

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How it works

Salesrockstar.io gives you everything you need to achieve this transformation:

  • A multilingual dedicated Sales Development Representative (SDR)

  • A multilingual Account Executive specialised in energy markets (AE)

  • A Sales Researcher responsible for list building

  • Ongoing coaching to improve your sales meeting & proposal conversion rate

  • Weekly check-ins with your SDR + AE to follow the campaigns progress & our activity

  • Monthly CRM reports that outline the most important KPIs for your investor + the upcoming milestone 

How to get started

If you’re a B2B energy startup with some signs of product-market fit and/or initial sales traction and you’re interested in building a solid sales pipeline of leads to better leverage your startup funding —

Schedule a call using the calendar below, and somebody from our team will meet with you on Zoom to see if salesrockstar.io is a good fit. If you have any questions, email fabrice@salesrockstar.io