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We help Tech Entrepreneurs // find // train // onboard // multi-lingual SDRs to set their startup for success internationally.

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What it is

If you are looking to hire a sales rep., SalesRockstar specialises in recruiting and onboarding multi-lingual sales talents to become expert in outbound sales Development for your B2B start-up.

Who it's for

Salesrockstar.io is for Tech Entrepreneurs who are in the process of scaling up internationally. 

Our clients: Tech STARTUPS in Europe

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Our recruitment & onboarding method

We test the professional sales and language skills of candidates through real hand-ons case situations - following the "PHÖNIX method". 


With our approach you will increase your chance to find SDR candidates who are:

  • Expert in B2B lead generation 

  • Expert in the latest prospection tools 

  • Expert in sales direct outreach & cold calling

  • Expert in discovery calls & consultative selling

Once you have selected a new recruit, we also cover the onboarding and spend the first 3 months coaching him / her on the best sales outbound practices that work today.

How to get started

Schedule a call using the calendar below, and somebody from our team will meet with you on Zoom to see if salesrockstar.io is a good fit. If you have any questions, email fabrice@salesrockstar.io