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For seven years, we've been perfecting the art of accelerating market entry and sales velocity for energy startups. Here you'll learn: Who we help, What we do, and Team members.

Fabrice Martin introduces SalesRockstar

Who we help

We help European Tech companies with a strong focus on energy & climate sectors. We work with startups which have developed an initial track record (an established user base, consistent revenue figures, or some other key performance indicator). Our clients are energy founders who try to raise startup capital (from Seed to Series A round) and need to demonstrate revenue potential by showing a solid sales pipeline. These startups have all the raw material necessary  for success on a larger scale but they lack the sales structure, trained business development team, tools and guidance to get there.​

What we do

We help these founders grow their sales pipeline (Pipe value / Number of sale meetings / New countries / Faster sales cycle) and help them build a repeatable sales process that works. We do this through our outbound sales development team specialised in the energy markets. They book for you a steady stream of meetings on your calendars. They sit in on demos, set follow-ups, and anything else to keep your pipeline moving forward. 

The Team


Our team includes experts on outbound sales development and energy consultants. Our core belief is that energy & climate tech startups are a key driver to slow down the pace of climate change. 

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